Bartending Secrets and Tips

Bartending Secrets and Tips
Bartending Secrets and Tips
There are numerous bartending secrets and tips which help an individual to become a better bartender, thereby increasing his tips.
People who serve drinks and cocktails in a tavern or bar are called bartenders. Bartenders are also called barmaids, barman, bar tender, barkeeper, or mixologists. There are hundreds of bartending schools across the country which teach individuals all the major points of being a successful bartender and helps their graduates to find the top bartending jobs in their area.

Bartenders Must Be Licenced

Being a professional bartender requires that the individual be licensed. Additional benefits of being licensed is the choice to start your own bartending company or open your own bar. The fact that you are recognized by the state to be licensed will add credibility to your business and help to build your list of clients who call upon your services for special celebrations.
The most successful bartenders have a vast knowledge of cocktails and their recipes. As a mixologist, the bartender is expected to mix any number of drinks throughout the night. There are numerous online sources which offer a collection of drink recipes that a bar tender can use as a reference. Bartenders should also be familiar with different types of stemware and which drinks they are best used for. For example, the apple martini is typically served in its signature glass. Some drinks are better when served in frosted glasses. To frost a glass, dip it in water and then place it in the freezer for a few hours. Along with which glass to use, the bartender should be familiar with the proper mixing technique for that drink.

A Good Bartender is Always Prepared

Many drinks require the use of ice, whether it is crushed, shaved, or cubed. It is best to prepare the ice ahead of the event to save you time when making drinks. Crushed ice is used for drinks which are served as slushies, and the bartender needs to know when to add the ice to the drink. Depending on the situation, bartenders are also asked to be event managers. This may be the case during certain celebrations, such as birthdays and weddings. In these cases there are typically a staff of bartenders, waitresses and servers who need to be managed for the event to be a success. The head bartender will also be in charge of ordering supplies and keeping inventory of the liquor. At times, bartenders also provide entertainment to the patrons in the bar. Depending on their skill ability, they can provide a show while mixing drinks. All bar tenders should practice their skills of mixing cocktails with flair, commonly called mixology. As your skill progresses there are many competitions throughout the country where you can compete against other bartenders.

What Are Some Essential Countertop Ice Maker Machines Recommended for Bartending?

If you’re a bartender in need of quick and convenient ice production, look no further than the top countertop ice maker machines. These efficient devices are recommended for their ability to produce ice cubes in a matter of minutes. With portable and compact designs, they are perfect for small bars or events where space is limited. Whether you need ice for cocktails, chilled shots, or crushed ice for blended drinks, these countertop ice maker machines are essential tools for any bartender.


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